Getting Started Tips for Remote Inc

Posted by AGSupport on Tue, 8 Mar 2011

It's easy to get started with Remote Inc. Here are some tips to help you get going:

  • Use Remote Inc as a meter to measure hours worked. For full time work, specify the required number of hours and use Remote Inc to track it. It could be 8 hours a day, 160 hours a month, etc. Be sure to clearly specify these expected work hours with your staff.
  • Provide work IM and email accounts to your staff. Staff using personal Skype and IM accounts, are likely to be distracted by personal chat conversations, or even messages from other freelance clients. It's easy to create a Skype or Yahoo Messenger account for team members (ex, mycompany.joe), and ask them to only sign in with that during work for you. This protects their privacy, and also helps them to focus on their work.
  • Give feedback to remote workers if you see them straying from their work. You're paying for real work - not watching movies, playing on Facebook, or browsing NBA scores. Often they might not even realize they are browsing non-work websites, and need to be reminded.
  • Check idle time as part of a time sheet. If a remote worker is not actively using their computer for longer than 4 minutes, Remote Inc will switch into idle status. Some jobs require work away from a computer - such as making phone calls. However, for regular computer work, you may want to look closer if your staff are consistently higher than 10 to 15% idle time.