Avoid Outsourcing Scams - use Remote Inc

Posted by AGSupport on Sun, 6 Mar 2011

The blog Urbanette recently published a very detailed post about the challenges of outsourcing to a developing country like India or Philippines. Among the problems the author has encountered with overseas staff leasing companies are:

If you hire two people they will have one working, and switch them around (all junior).
If you hire one “dedicated” programmer, they assign two or three clients to that one programmer. This means less overhead for the outsourcing company – less computers, less staff, infinite number of clients, no need to wait to hire, they always have available staff.
They have unrelated people who have nothing to do with the project sit and chat with clients and say “I’m still working on it, yes ma’am, etc.”

Remote Inc is mentioned as a tool to help be sure you're getting what you're paying for:

Make them install and use this software: Remote Inc.com (to make sure they’re online the hours they bill you for, and aren’t on Facebook half of the day, or away from their computer, etc.)

The full article has some good advice, and is a worthwhile read for anyone thinking to outsource projects to an overseas staff leasing company.

Do you have any tips on using Remote Inc to manage outsourced projects or manage a remote team? Let us know - we'd love to hear your feedback!