Update Employee Activity in one Click from Desktop

Remote Inc client software Remote workers can immediately post updates about their work by changing the status message on the Desktop client.

View Work History and Login Details on the fly

Employers can directly access the work history of remote users from Live Monitor Dashboard.

Work History Remote Inc Dashboard

Monitor Quality Work Time through Desktop Screenshots

Verify the quality of work by looking at screenshots grabbed from your remote staff's desktop. View individual screenshots at 1024 x 768 resolution

Remote Inc Screenshots

Remote Inc is

a tool that helps to maintain trust with a remote, hourly based work team. A client application is installed on the workstation of remote work staff to monitor their work output. The system takes screenshots of the workers desktop about every 5 minutes. The screenshots are uploaded to an online website. From there a manager can view the data captured from each worker they manage.

Additionally, Remote Inc automatically creates a timesheet, based on the hours that a worker was actively logged into the system. By viewing the screenshots created when the user was actively logged into Remote Inc, a manager can verify and approve the hours on a timesheet. This system is thus one of the most accurate ways to manage and track hourly based remote workers.

Remote Inc Solves the Location Problem

More and more work can be completed remotely. This includes tasks such as graphic design, accounting, and even customer support. What if the perfect graphic designer you want to hire wants to keep his home in the middle of Montana, but your office is in downtown Manhattan?

In the past, many companies have shied away from hiring great staff, because of this 'location' issue. Remote Inc serves as the glue between great companies and great workers who have this 'location' problem.

By using Remote Inc, companies are able to offer stable, full time work to their remote based staff. Without a tool like Remote Inc, a company has no idea how long a remote staff member really takes to finish a task, or whether the remote staff member did the task themselves. By viewing the Remote Inc screenshots, and timesheet that Remote Inc creates for the remote staff member, a manager can precisely measure the value of their remote work force! You can have an overview of how you can effectively manage your remote users by clicking here.

Remote Inc Requires Cooperation

Remote Inc is a tool that benefits both remote staff members, and company management. Remote workers, do, in fact, give up some privacy. Their manager can see what is on their desktop, what software applications they are running, and what tasks they are working on during the course of their work day. However, Remote Inc was designed with consideration for the privacy of remote workers as well. Remote Inc will only track a worker, while they are actively logged into the Remote Inc software. If the worker changes their status to 'On Break', or logs out of the software, no screenshots will be uploaded, and their time is not added to their timesheet. This is important, if a worker needs to quickly check their personal email or bank information, or even just take some time off to read the news or chat with friends.